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Is NATR a talent agency? 

I am a talent agent. How do I become a member of NATR?

NATR is not a talent agency. We are a trade organization representing talent agencies primarily located in New York City

Can you help me find an agent? 

No. If you are seeking representation, we recommend you procure a copy of Call Sheet and directly contact the agencies listed therein.

Can I send NATR my headshot and resume, writing samples or demo reel?

No. We cannot recommend an agent, nor can we assist you in obtaining an agent.

What’s the difference between an agent and a manager?

The job of an agent is to create opportunities, procure and negotiate employment for clients and counsel them in the development of their careers. Agents in most states must be licensed by the state, city and appropriate governing body. Managers are not regulated nor are they required to have a license. Under law, managers may not procure employment for artists or negotiate without a licensed agent, and any person who renders agent services without a license may have their contract invalidated and be forced to relinquish any commissions paid.

Is there still a SAG-AFTRA agencyfranchise agreement?

How do I become an actor? 

 As we are a trade organization representing talent agents, we suggest you contact your local branch of Actors Equity Association (AEA) or SAG-AFTRA for further assistance.

I’m a manager. Can I join NATR?

 No. NATR members are licensed talent agents. Managers are not licensed, bonded or regulated by the unions, and by definition, may not provide the same services to actors as agents.

Do you offer an agent training program?

Please email a request for an application package to our mailbox:

 There is, at this time, no SAG-AFTRA franchise in place. However, NATR continues to work with actors under State approved agency contracts and franchise agreements with other performer and artist unions.

As a trade organization, we do not provide such a service. However, many of our members provide internships and training programs. Please contact our members directly for more information.

How do I become an agent?

Talent agents come from varied backgrounds, including the performing arts, business and law. The most successful possess a deep understanding of artists and both the creative and business aspects of the work they seek for clients. It’s a tough, demanding business with the benefit of working in a dynamic industry with very talented people. Many find an entry point as an intern, agent assistant or in the mailroom of a large talent agency.

I’m a NATR member; how do I update my contact information?

Please send any changes in address, phone, emails or staff changes to We can better serve you if you keep us abreast of changes in your agency.

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